Custom Implants Products

Hemipelvic Prosthesis - The individual solution for extreme defects.

Adequate treatment of large bony defects as a consequence of multiple revision procedures and tumour diseases is often only possible with a custom-made hemipelvic prosthesis. On the basis of the acquired data the defect is measured in case of revision procedures and resections planned in case of tumour procedures, respectively. Then, the pelvis is reconstructed with our 3D design software and the hemipelvic prosthesis designed and manufactured.

CTX Prosthesis - Custom-made hip prosthesis.

The CTX Individual Prosthesis was developed for the treatment of all types of femoral or joint anomalies. In the past, we achieved excellent surgical outcomes especially in patients suffering from high hip dysplasia. This is due to the specific implant concept and indication-related fixation options of the CTX Hip Stem. Its dedicated product features make the CTX hip stem suitable for both primary and revision procedures: