Bespoke Medical achieves our three objectives of Innovation, Individualisation and Integrity by forging strategic alliances with key opinion leaders, universities, leading R&D organisations and other value-based alliances that bring strong, profitable and sustainable partnerships.

Our company’s competencies include biomechanical and CAD engineering, specialist medical practitioners, marketing, regulatory and quality professionals – all supported by an experienced executive management team.

Every innovation we consider will go through a comprehensive discovery and R&D process that includes a variety of gateways prior to Bespoke committing significant funds and resources to the commercialisation process. This process is multi-faceted, including initial design, prototyping and testing, regulatory and compliance evaluation, market analysis (local and worldwide), manufacturing considerations, and distribution network and channel options. Bespoke’s Advisory and Medical Boards provide a final approval, prior to any project moving beyond the initial assessment gate.

Our Advisory Board brings a cross-section of business and industry professionals that provide a unique balance of executive, non-executive and independence to the guidance table.

Our Medical Advisory Board consists of specialist medical practitioners whose focus is on the efficacy, quality and sustainability of each product Bespoke is intending to commercialise.

Our Mission Statement is:

“The commercialisation of high value, bespoke medical products designed specifically for the individual”.